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Empyrean ALPS® RF - RF circuit simulator

Comprehensive RF Circuit Simulator

Empyrean ALPS® RF has two core engines in both frequency and time domains. Powered by these two engines, ALPS-RF supports comprehensive RF simulation functionalities like large signal analysis, small signal analysis, and noise analysis, meeting the complex simulation needs of RF circuit design and significantly improving the simulation efficiency. By adopting Empyrean's unique heterogeneous matrix-solving algorithm, this simulator excels in accuracy and parallel efficiency, offering an excellent simulation solution to RF designers.

Empyrean ALPS® RF Harmonic Balance RF simulation has been accelerated by GPU, providing over 10X speedup over CPU-based solution.


Key Benefits
Updated RF Engines Provide High-Performance and Accuracy
 High Performance - Fast GPU-accelerated harmonic balance RF simulations 
 Comprehensive RF engines - Harmonic Balance, Shooting Newton 
 Extensive Analysis - Comprehensive set of RF analyses to meet the design's requirements


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