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Empyrean Patron™ – Transistor-level Power Integrity Analysis

High-performance Dynamic EMIR Solution with True SPICE Accuracy

EMIR analysis is a critical step in IC design to ensure power integrity and reliability, especially for designs with advanced processes. Early detection of potential failure due to EMIR issues during the design phase allows timely corrective action and can prevent long-term reliability issues.

Empyrean Patron™ is a proven and trusted solution for transistor-level power noise and reliability for analog and mixed-signal designs. It uses the Empyrean ALPS® simulator to run a fast and accurate simulation for EMIR analysis. Patron has the full support of advanced technology processes and proven tape-out successes.

Empyrean Patron™ supports Dynamic EMIR and self-heating analysis. High performance, high accuracy, ease of setup, and minimal ramp-up time are a powerful way to reduce project risk.


Key Benefits
Sign-off Power Integrity Analysis 
 High Accuracy - Leveraging the Empyrean ALPS® SPICE simulator, high accuracy is achieved
 High Performance - Unique matrix-solving technology and advanced algorithms for
post-processing data
 High Efficiency - Easy to use and integration with Empyrean Skipper® for clear reporting and



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