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RF IC Design Solution

Empyrean Technology has launched two EDA solutions for RF circuit design—the RF model extraction tool Empyrean XModel-RF and the RF circuit simulator Empyrean ALPS-RF, both of which provide critical simulation solutions for RF circuit design.

  • In response to market needs, we have developed Empyrean XModel-RF by focusing on every aspect of RF model parameter extraction and enabling all features of device measurement, model extraction, and model verification. It provides RF model extraction for various devices like CMOS, compound semiconductors, capacitance, inductance, and transistors. Furthermore, Empyrean XModel-RF allows users to build templates, thus providing a quick and convenient solution. It also supports scripting to meet customized development requirements.
  • For Empyrean ALPS-RF, we successfully developed two core engines in both frequency and time domains. Powered by these two engines, Empyrean ALPS-RF supports comprehensive RF simulation functionalities like large signal, small signal, and noise analysis, meeting the complex simulation needs of RF circuit design and significantly improving the simulation efficiency. Besides, by adopting Empyrean's-unique heterogeneous matrix solving algorithm, this simulator excels in accuracy and parallel efficiency, offering an excellent simulation solution to RF designers.



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