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Empyrean ALPS® – SPICE Simulator

High-Performance, High-Capacity Circuit Simulation for
Analog, Mixed-Signal and Memory Designs

Empyrean ALPS® (Accurate Large-capacity Parallel Simulator) is a next-generation high-performance high-capacity true SPICE simulator. ALPS is a parallel SPICE simulator that employs advanced parallel computation efficiency and breakthrough techniques for matrix solving and offers the best capacity and performance compared with other SPICE simulators in the market.

Empyrean ALPS® supports proprietary Smart Matrix Solving technology to provide a zero-accuracy-loss matrix solving and advanced multi-threading algorithms to deliver significant speedup, especially in post-layout simulation over 100M elements, as compared with other parallel SPICE simulators.

The ALPS suite also contains the GPU-accelerated simulator Empyrean ALPS® GT delivering 10x performance improvement, and the RF circuit simulator Empyrean ALPS® RF which supports comprehensive RF simulation functionalities.

Empyrean ALPS® GT is a heterogeneous simulation system based on the CPU-GPU platform architecture. Compared to the CPU architecture, it offers accelerated processing power and significantly improves performance with GPU Turbo Smart Matrix Solving (SMS-GT) technology. ALPS-GT utilizes the Empyrean APLS® engine to provide SPICE accuracy and breaks the bottleneck in large-scale analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation performance, achieving a 10x performance improvement over current CPU-based parallel SPICE for post-layout simulation.

With Empyrean ALPS® RF, we successfully developed two core engines in both frequency and time domains. Powered by these two engines, ALPS-RF supports comprehensive RF simulation functionalities like large signal analysis, small signal analysis, and noise analysis, meeting the complex simulation needs of RF circuit design and significantly improving the simulation efficiency. By adopting Empyrean's unique heterogeneous matrix-solving algorithm, this simulator excels in accuracy and parallel efficiency, offering an excellent simulation solution to RF designers. ALPS-RF Harmonic Balance RF simulation has been accelerated by GPU, providing over 10X speedup over CPU-based solution.


Key Benefits 
Accelerate AMS Simulation and Verification 
 High performance – Smart Matrix Solver delivers 3x-8x speedup over traditional matrix solvers  
 High capacity – supports circuits with >100M elements
 Sign-off accuracy – SPICE accuracy by simulating the circuit using full equations of device models


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